Belgian Shemale (transsexual) Agnès
Private dates (Incall) in Brussels (Zaventem) - Escort (Outcall) in Belgium
+32 (484) 557 987 - (7/7 days)

Discretion - Quality - Standards of service

Secrecy is guaranteed by some rules I adhere to

I welcome you in the geatest secrecy at my very own place of stay (no club, no other girls present....).
I NEVER call you except if otherwise agreed upon or as explained hereafter I never talk with someone else about what was said or done during a date.
When I come to the place of the date, -unless otherwise explicitly required by you-, I wear city clothes so nobody can see, either that I am not a biological woman or that I provide specialized services.
Unless explicitly authorized by you, I never park my car in front of your house When at your place of stay (apartment, house...) I call on your mobile to check you are free and I enter the building quick and discreetly. When at the hotel, I ask the reception to call your room and ask for permission to go upstairs. Alternatively, you can also welcome me in the lobby.


I understand you are used to get superior services in all aspects of your life.
I provide superior services: a good command of English, sophisticated conversation in every society and above all, I listen to you, your expectations and your desires.
I want you to remember a superior dating experience and call me again

Standards of Service

Clear prior agreements on fees, costs and service contents