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The most frequent questions about dates with shemales

What is a shemale ?

There are men and women but also transitional beings.
A crossdresser is a man wearing women clothes and a transsexual is a man who became a woman as a result of surgery with man-made female genital organs.
A shemale is a being with characteristics of both genders (breast and penis) but with a feminine outlook. A shemale has a functional penis but also breasts, no unwanted hair, a soft skin, a slim waist and generously proportioned buttocks. A shemale has no Adam's apple !

I never had a date with a shemale before. I'm not sure how I'll react !

Everything has a first time.
Each day, I meet men for whom this is a new experience and it always goes very well. We take the time to know each other and to discover what your (hidden) expectations are, what you really like or not so much. There is no compulsory programme. The programme is made up by ourselves.
I know from experience you will be stressed at the beginning of the date and I am there to help you overcome your apprehension. After 10 minutes, your stress will be past history, believe me.

I am a man and I feel attracted by shemales; am I gay ?

Absolutely NOT ! Shemales don't attract gay men.The latter ones are looking for a typical man outlook.
I'm a symbol of femininity, exactly the contrary.
You are definitely heterosexual.

Can shemales get an erection ?

Definitely ! But the way for a shemale to get an erection is by being slowly caressed all over her body, not by a direct stimulation of her penis. The most sensitive place for a shemale are her breasts and, more specifically, her nipples.