Belgian Shemale (transsexual) Agnès
Private dates (Incall) in Brussels (Zaventem) - Escort (Outcall) in Belgium
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A date with Agnès is something different

Hello. Please let me introduce myself. I am Agnès, a Belgian not operated (pre-ops) transsexual (a.k.a. a shemale or she-male). I offer companion services and dates to men, women and couples, either at my place (incall services) or at the place of your choice (Outcall or escort services), like your place of stay or a hotel. I am also available as companion to a club, a sauna or as companion for a travel.

My greatest assets: an absolute feminine body, but above all, amiability and kindness.

Perhaps were you disappointed by a date with a shemale in the past. Why would it be different this time ?
Because I am different. Why opt for Agnès among hundreds of shemales

Are your eyes hungry ? Some real photos of me

Clients are satisfied about their date with me. What clients wrote about their date with Agnès

Discretion and quality are of course key to me. Discretion and quality make a difference

It could be this would be your first encounter with a shemale. You are certainly welcome. I am a soft and kind person and we take all the necessary time to discover each other. A first encounter is always a success.
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Your age or physical condition is of no importance to me. People above 65 are certainly welcome! I am available for a date with men, couples and women. More about dates for couples and women

You can expect a date of quality and all the attention you deserve. I am never in a hurry to finish the date. The time we spend together is exclusively yours.

Will you get your desires satisfied ? What I do or not

I provide Incall services in Zaventem (in the suburbs of Brussels, at 5 minutes from the airport) and I welcome in the secrecy of my very own place of stay (no club, no other girls present....). I also provide Outcall services (Escort). I aim at providing you with services of higher quality. More about services, availability and getting in touch.

If you still have questions or if you are ready to book a date, please feel free to call me at the following number.

+32 (484) 557 987 (7/7 days)