Belgian Shemale (transsexual) Agnès
Private dates (Incall) in Brussels (Zaventem) - Escort (Outcall) in Belgium
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Couples and women are welcome to date

You are a couple curious about a date with a shemale

I receive more and more requests from couples wanting to make their sensual life more spicy.
I am truly bisexual, meaning that when dating with a couple, the woman and I take care of the man and I can also have a good lesbian time with the woman.
It all takes place in a very natural way, and I take into consideration told and untold desires from both partners

You are a woman and want to have good time with someone different

Most women I meet want to express their lesbian part to some extent. They just opt for a date with a shemale because a shemale has a FEMALE libido, she likes body to body contact and sharing long times of tenderness.
A shemale has no urge to have intercourse; she enjoys for hours the time of being together and lets her partner enjoy the time of being close to each other. I like to caress you all over for a long relaxing time.
The best way one can define a date with Agnès is as a different lesbian experience.