A KIND and refined BELGIAN shemale !
A pure making of nature, absolutely SILICONE-FREE !
Incall and outcall dates (Escort)
Brussels (Zaventem Airport), Belgium
Tel: +32-484-557-987 - (7/7 days)

A BELGIAN shemale with lovely NATURAL CURVES, with NO SILICONE at all !

A KIND and refined educated Belgian shemale at last !


Dear Sir, Madam, couple,

Have you ever been disappointed by a date with a shemale ? It can be a different experience with a kind, refined and educated BELGIAN SHEMALE. Do you like intelligence and class but above all KINDNESS ? Be my guest !

I'm a Belgian pre-ops transsexual (aka shemale). I speak English, Dutch and French fluently. I can welcome you for a private date (INCALL services) -in all secrecy- at my very own place in the suburbs of Brussels (in Zaventem, at 5 minutes from the airport). I can also come to your place of stay or to the hotel (OUTCALL services / Escort). Secrecy, hygiene and mutual respect are keys to me.

I am truly bisexual and I meet therefore men, women and couples with an equal pleasure. How old you are and your physical condition are of no importance to me. People above 65 are certainly welcome! If this would be your very first experience with a shemale, I will take special care to help you relax and get the maximum pleasure of the date.

My breasts and buttocks are all natural (no silicone). I have a very feminine body (/5'6"/1m68 tall), always lightly tanned and with no unwanted hairs... and on top of that, a little spicy detail that differentiates between me and biological woman.

I'm looking forward to meeting you soon !