Availability - Contact - Making an appointment


I work exclusively by appointment. I can provide services during the week and at weekends, during the day or in the evening.


How long in advance do you need to book me ?

The rule of thumb is the following:

  • For a INCALL date between 11AM and 11PM, it's generally OK to call 45 min in advance and if I'm available, I'll welcome you.

  • For a INCALL or OUTCALL date between 11PM and 11AM, please call me before 10PM (the day before).

  • For a OUTCALL date, call at least 60 min (+ estimated travel time) beforehand.

Contact - How to get in touch with me ?

There is one way to get in touch with me -at virtually anytime- during the week or the week-end: a call to: +32 (484) 55 79 87

Please understand that sometimes I cannot answer your call immediately. If the case arises, you can leave a message and I'll call you back if you request so. Otherwise, please try again a little bit later.

 Needless to say that I don't answer SMS. I also appreciate you don't hide your number: we can only establish a good relation if we trust each other. I never call clients unless they requested to.